Our Services

We offer a range of Taranaki wide assessment and rehabilitation services to people of all ages. Our clients are referred to us through ACC and other funders.

We offer a range of assessment services to identify options that may help to meet any needs arising from an injury.

Assessments are carried out by the most relevant health professional e.g. physiotherapist, occupational therapist, social worker.

The length of the assessment varies depending on the complexity and number of issues. A number of visits may be required.

Assessments may be at our rooms or in the client’s own environment. Assessments can be in other places if needed.

Our focus is on ways to increase people’s independence. This may mean considering new ways of doing tasks e.g. simplifying the task, sitting down to do some things, rearranging the environment to make it easier to reach items, choosing pre-prepared foods to help with food preparation tasks.

Options to increase independence or to support recovery may also include:

  • Equipment such as showering aids, walking frames, dressing aids.
  • Assessment of temporary or permanent modification to the home.
  • Considering ways to support a person in their home or community, to increase their independence or to manage while they recover from an injury.

Our ACC contracted assessments include:

  • Integrated Rehabilitation Assessment
  • Single Discipline Assessment
  • Equipment Assessment
  • Housing Modification Assessment

We can undertake a range of other assessments e.g. mobility scooter assessments, home assessments, work station assessments.

Our rehabilitation professionals work with the client and their whanau/support team to develop programmes to increase independence and achieve their recovery goals.

Programmes can include one or more health professionals, such as occupational therapists, speech language therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, social workers, dietitians, nurses, neuropsychologists and doctors. We match referred clients with the most appropriate health professional depending on needs.

Our team covers the Taranaki region. We work with clients in their own environments or in the community depending on their needs.

Rehabilitation programmes can range in length depending on needs and the rehabilitation goals. We work with clients and their support people to identify what is important to them and then work together to develop a plan to achieve their goals.

Our ACC contracted rehabilitation services include:

  • Training for Independence Programmes
  • Training for Independence Advisory Programmes
  • Concussion Services.

Other rehabilitation programmes are provided on referral from other agencies.